Team Building

Team Building

Good Leaders build strong teams that set the culture for the workplace. It is critical you have a team that knows where its going, how they contribute to your customers and business, and the goals and measures you have in place. Without a good  team building plan, your goals and dreams could be at risk. Each team is unique and will respond in different ways. So that is how your team work to achieve your business goals. How do they work together?

Team Building

Is your team a cohesive group or is it like herding cats? The is where team building is critical. You do not necessarily want a cohesive well run group all the time as some tension will create new solutions. What you do want is a team that has at least some diversity, but can come together when it is important! That is one of the secrets of team building.

Disruptive team members are a minor distraction at best and a resource burning major problem at worst – especially when you are wanting to change and build a new or better culture within your business. Does your team know how to work as a team? How do they deal with conflict and disagreement? What will you do to get effective team building in your business?

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My developing cohesive teams experience...

  • Ministry of Social Development – led one of the highest performing Labour Market Team creating over 1000 positions in Northland businesses
  • Led a team to transition to meet the labour market changes from skill shortage to recession and over-supply of labour and skills. This involved a myriad of changes and support for the staff implementing those changes
  • Department of Internal Affairs – led the development of 36 staff in 5 self managing teams operating across Auckland and Northland
  • Springboard Trust Capacity Partner voluntary work supporting school principals to deliver to the leaders of the future