Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Where is the business going?  Where do you want to be?  If you can’t answer these questions then you won’t be getting there anytime soon.  Are your plans aligned with other documents in your business or is there a disconnect? Your Strategy development is an important aspect of your business.  This is what sets you apart from other similar businesses in the marketplace.

Strategy Development

There are many tools available to help you plan, but don’t get caught up in your SWOT analysis and environmental scans alone, you need to consider a range of “big questions”.

  1. What are your goals and aspirations for your business?
  2. Where do you choose to conduct your business – of the potentially wide field available which areas will you target?
  3. How will you compete against your competitors?
  4. What capabilities do you need to build and maintain to hold your competitive position?
  5. What systems and processes do you need to operate or build to maintain your key capabilities?

The key is to ensure your answers to those 5 questions are consistent and support one another.

Underpinning this is how you make your decisions within the business. These are usually reflected in your values. This in turn should be reflected in your leaders and their leadership style.

It is also important to check the strategy development tactics are cascaded down through your other key business documents:

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My strategy development experience...

  • Facilitated numerous strategic planning sessions for organisations to achieve their goals
  • Springboard Trust Capacity Partner and Facilitator – supported strategic plan development and implementation with 3 schools.
  • Department of Internal Affairs, Community Development Group, Governance Framework design and Implementation
  • Chairing the Northland Department of Labour funded Productivity project – results were designed to be replicated across NZ
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu – successful completion of multiple projects resulting in measurable achievements to increase productivity and sustainability
  • Correspondence School – strategic and business plans developed for BOT
  • MSD – designed strategies that consistently secured more MSD funding per head of population than any other region in New Zealand
  • Russia – New Business Development Project, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – designed and implemented training needs analysis and training programmes that resulted in Russian professionals traveling to America to gain new skills and business contacts