Fund Raising for Charitable Trusts

Fund Raising for Charitable Trusts

Not for Profits run on the smell of an oily rag. So how does one get fund raising for charitable trusts while operating to deliver the service? How is there time to look while also coordinating volunteers, keeping the books, dealing with correspondence and keeping the trust going!


Fund Raising for Charitable Trusts

You are probably doing all the planning, holding monthly meetings, trying to ensure you have your quorum, updating the constitution, meeting all of your compliance requirements, and generally keeping going with all your community contributions. Oh and did I mention ensuring you are up to date with all of the new legislation requirements?

On top of all that – you are also looking for funds to continue your good works! Fund raising for charitable trusts is critical to make sure your good work is maximized to the fullest extent. So how does one go about raising funding with all the day to day running that needs to be done? Let Carol Barnett Consulting come to your aid – My experience with fund raising will be able to help you get those funds to achieve your goals. Having been on the opposite side of the table assessing applications gives me an advantage. I know what your funders are looking for. It is so easy to look only at the fund raising for charitable trusts application from your point of view, but have you captured and sent the information the funder is looking for? Let’s talk.

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I offer a free no obligation 30 minute video conference session to help show you how my experience with fund raising for charitable trusts can give you the upper hand in gaining funds for your projects. Click HERE to book in your video Conference now!

My fund raising for charitable trusts experience....

  • Worked alongside Creative Northland to secure funding for the Northland Youth Arts Festival 2017
  • Previous Board member for Parafed Northland. Developed strategies for fund raising especially for the Halberg Disability Games
  • Inaugural Chair of the Investing in Northland Communities Funder’s Forum.