Leadership and Culture Change

Leadership and Culture Change

Leadership and Culture Change are two sides of the same coin. Really, you can’t separate out leadership and the culture of your business as you can’t have one without the other.

Leadership and Culture Change

The key point is the leader sets the culture and it doesn’t matter how good your strategies and plans are. Culture will trump strategy every time. So you as leaders are critical to the success of your company. What you do and how you act set the tone for the whole culture of the organisation.

Do you want to effect leadership and culture change within your business? You need to also be aware of how you come across as the leader. What leadership behaviours do you portray? What do your team see you doing, saying and delivering to them as the team? And to your customers as your source of revenues? What culture is already at your business? How have you contributed to it? What aspects do you want to keep and what do you want to change?

An organisation’s culture is a challenge to change. It is not a easy quick fix as you will need to examine both your leadership behaviours and the culture of your team. Once you have established where you are, you need to work out which behaviours you want that will build your culture. Then you as leaders will need to be authentic and real and sustainable.

So talk with me about your leadership style and the culture you want for your business and let’s make leadership and culture change happen?

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My leadership and culture change experience...

  • Ministry of Social Development – led one of the highest performing Labour Market Team creating over 1000 positions in Northland businesses
  • Strong relationships developed with Iwi and Hapu, community groups and businesses across Northland
  • Led a team to transition to meet the labour market changes from skill shortage to recession and over-supply of labour and skills. This involved a myriad of changes and support for the staff implementing those changes
  • MSD – Achieved the highest number of Community Max projects per head of population with some of the highest outcomes – some projects achieving over 80% not returning to benefit
  • Department of Internal Affairs – led the development of 36 staff in 5 self managing teams operating across Auckland and Northland
  • Implemented a performance management framework across the Correspondence School with no Personal Grievances
  • MSD – Northland Labour Market Development Forum – facilitated the redeveloped of 53 separate activites into 5 measurable projects
  • INC – Founding Chair of Investing in Northland Communities – a funders forum, led the development of the funders handbook and strategic plan
  • Correspondence School – developed business plans for the Minister and Ministry of Education to help safeguard the future of the school
  • Department of Internal Affairs – Community Development Group – Manage transition into Self Managing teams and Governance Framework Implementation
  • Russia – New Business Development Project, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Japan – NEC International – Led a training design project team of Japanese technicians on a nine month project to improve the quality of training manuals for NEC equipment
  • The Correspondence School – where one major facet of the cultural change was to focus on the needs of the student rather than the marking requirements of the teacher. The success of this was reflected in the subsequent ERO report